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19.1 Overview for the Setup and Configure Tool


Tradepoint provides you with one tool to be able to setup and configure all of your settings, categories, statuses, methods, services and system management tools from one interface.

Since your business needs the ability to evolve you will have the ability to adjust those settings on a case by case basis if necessary. Further, the Setup and Configure tool can be accessed through the main interface found within the management menu as shown in Image A below or it can be accessed through a number of access points found anywhere you see a Blue Plus next to a field as shown in Image B.

Image A. 

Image B. 

The Setup and Configure Tool is managed by the Security Settings so, providing a safety net so your settings don't get deleted accidentally and to keep your process definition focused by allowing access to specific individuals within your business.

Prompts are built into the Setup and Configure Tool for making adjustments within a system that has been configured so you know what the consequences will be for the decisions you make before you make them. Just a few of those scenarios include:

• Consequences to deleting a Category when there are Contacts assigned to it.
• The option to reassign existing Contacts to another Category before the category is deleted.
• A prompt to inform you that you are about to delete or change a Category before it is deleted.

Some of the functionality that can be customized using the Setup and configure tool includes:

• Categories
• Statuses
• Order, Invoice, and Purchase Order Numbers
• Shipping Methods
• Shipping Services (relevant if you use real time shipping modules from a carrier)
• Shipping Rate Tables (an offline alternative to real time shipping rates)
• Payment Methods
• Payment Services (relevant if you use payment services through your website i.e.
• Refund Types
• Custom Data Fields
• Geographic Sales Territories
• Communications (Newsletters, Promotional Materials, etc.)
• Event Management (Automated Tasks, Emails, etc. based on your work flow needs)

General navigation tools available within the Setup and Configure Tool will be consistent within each section of the tool as shown below in Image C.

Image C.  

Each screen will reflect the layout and navigational tools. Further, as you open each window any additional fields necessary to fill out will open as you progress through the Setup and Configure Tool.

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