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19.6 Setup and Configure Tool- Contacts


Within the Setup & Configure tool the Contact section will provide access to numerous Categories and Statuses within the CRM component of Tradepoint. Each of these specific Categories and statuses can all be accessed through the blue plus found next to fields throughout the CRM component of Tradepoint.

An overview of the Contacts section of the Setup & Configure Tool is shown below with all of the Contact types that can be created through this part of the Setup & Configure tool.

Clicking on any one of the Contact Categories on the left will open another menu with the detailed screens within any listed section you see to create or edit any related Categories and Statuses.

We will go through each section to outline the relating Categories and Statuses.

Contact Personnel- This subsection within Contact related to the contact within each Business to Business Lead, Customer, Reseller or Supplier. Creating or adding any Categories for this subsection will be available within the drop down menus for any contact personnel within those four sections of contacts.

Communications Image A.  
Each listed Communication is on the left. The highlighted options within the red box shows the contacts that your communication will be available to if you click on their box. You also have the option to show this communication on the website with the 'Show on Website' option at the top of the Applicable Locations. When the 'Show on Website' is clicked you will have this as an option within the Customer are to be able to sign up to receive that communication.

Roles - This corresponds to the job type within a Contact personnel. Each added item will show up in a drop down menu to choose from after the fact.
Web Access Security - This will allow you to create the security profiles and define what type of functions they can perform within their customer login section through your website.

Each existing profile has options attached to it. The image below illustrates the functions for the type of security profile by the boxes that are checked off.
If no boxes are checked off then the contact will have view only access through the website.

Custom Data - The next Contact type within Contacts of the Setup & Configure Tool is Custom Data. This field can be accessed through any icon within the CRM section of Tradepoint labeled Your Data.

There are two levels to creating Custom Data fields through the Setup & Configure Tool. The custom data label will be set up first followed by the actual field and the type of data the field will be holding.

So, the first screen you will see will be to establish the header field for the type of Custom fields you are creating. The second screen you will see is shown below where you will establish the custom data field and what type of data it will hold.

The header field for the type of custom data is highlighted in red. The type of field is what is being created and the arrow indicated what type of data can be held within this particular field.

One thing to keep in mind about creating custom data field within the Setup & Configure tool. Any custom data fields set up within the Setup & Configure tool will pre-populate to all contact types within Tradepoint. However, any Custom Data fields setup within a specific contact type(such as Resellers) will apply to only that contact type.

Customers - The Image below shows which types of data that can be modified within Customers.

Categories- This field refers to the general Categories for each Customer contact easily visible from the main contact information screen.

Custom Data - Create and edit custom data fields specific to Customers through the 'Your Data' icon in the Customers tool bar. 
Products Owned - Create Categories for the purchase histories of your Customers. Categories such as Products and Services will enable you to distinguish the types of Products and Services you are selling at a glance.

Status - This relates to each of the Categories you set up. Each of your categories can have a Status such as 'Active' and 'Inactive'.
Call Logs - Your Call Logs have several types of data that can be modified within this sub-section of the Setup & Configure Tool.
Support Statuses - These Statuses will pertain to the activity of your Call Logs and can have events attached to them to ensure Reminders, Tasks, Emails and additional Call Logs setup to ensure follow up in you Customer Management work flow.

Categories- These categories will pertain to the Category chosen when an incoming or outgoing call is made. Event Management tools are available for automated processes related to incoming and outgoing Call Logs.

Custom Data - These are Custom Data fields that are specific to Call Logs. Any Custom Data fields established here will pre-populate within Call Logs only.

Resellers - The same Categories available for Customers also are true for Resellers. The image below will show the same fields available for customizing. The structure and functions will be identical and any changes will apply to Resellers.

Enquiries - Managing your Enquiries will include several fields to track general information, advertising and marketing efforts.

Categories - Pertains to the Category of Enquiry and can be adjusted as needed through the blue plus on the main contact information screen within Enquiries.
Status - Making their purchase within 1 week, 30 days, 3 months are some examples of Statuses that can be set up within Enquiries. Statuses here are non-Category specific therefore they will stand alone in their function.
Enquiry Methods - How did this prospect find us? Walk-in, Phone, website, or referral. These are just a few examples of Enquiry Methods that can be setup to track your marketing/Advertising efforts.
Advertising Source - Track your Advertising efforts by creating Advertising Source categories for each of your advertising venues. Web based, print, TV and other advertising types can easily be tracked with this tool.

Rolodex- Your Rolodex will be structured similarly to Leads with data and communication tools and no financial transaction tools. The image below shows which fields can be customized. 

Industries - Industries will pre-populate within the Industry Type field that can be found under the Company icon from any section within the CRM section of Tradepoint. Below is an example of Industries.

Under the Company icon you will see a section of fields that will have a drop down menu with the list of Industries you have setup within it.
Opportunities - Opportunities is important to an automated sales process because your sales process can be defined and automated by the tools within opportunities. The Category and Status structure is enabled with complete event management so each step of your sales process can have the built in actions ensuring closure for sales efforts>

The initial screen will be for defining the Category structure(as shown below).

Clicking on an existing Category or for a new configuration click the 'New Category' icon in the lower left to open the screen shown in the image below. When you create a New Status you will see the Event Management Tools at the bottom of the Status screen to define your automated sales process. Clicking on one or more(in the order you want the events to happen) will create an automated set of steps that will follow your Sales Opportunities.

Leads - All of the fields that can be customized are shown in the Image below. The functionality will be consistent with the rest of the Setup & Configure Tool. 

• Categories - This will define the Categories of your Lead contacts. Categories is enabled with Event management Tools to automate your Sales Process.
• Custom Data- Define specific fields relevant to your Leads that will pre-populate within the 'Your Data' section of Leads. Fields added here will only apply to Leads.
• Status - You can have Statuses attached to each or only some Lead contacts. Within Leads a Status does not have to related to a Category. This section is enabled with Event Management.
• Call Logs-Your Categories and Custom Data fields within Lead Call Logs can be defined here. Categories is enabled with Statuses and full Event Management to automate any Lead follow up process.
• Enquiry Methods-Track how your prospects find you by adding in types of Enquiry methods by which people find you. Enquiry Methods is enabled with Event Management to automate a follow up process for prospects.
• Advertising Sources-Track all of the advertising sources that you use to determine which one are the most effective. You can have a general structure or a very detailed one with this section. Event Management is attached to Advertising sources to create an automated follow up structure.
• Probability of Success-If you rate the closing probability of your Leads you can define that scale within this section in the same way you would setup a Category or Status.

Competitors- The fields available for customization within Competitors are identical to Customers, and Resellers. The image below will show the same fields available for customizing. The structure and functions will be identical and any changes will apply to Competitors.

Office Types- This is one more customizable type within the Company icon found in every contact section within Tradepoint.

Source Lists - The fields available for customization within Source Lists allow for additional lead and sales tracking capability. Functionality available within each of the field types will be identical to the functionality found in other sections of the CRM within Tradepoint.

Suppliers - Fields that can be customized are very similar to those found on other CRM sections of Tradepoint. An image below shows which fields can be customized.

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