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2.10 Troubleshooting


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The Little Red Ball

Tradepoint protects you against "Garbage in Garbage out Syndrome" by making sure your database will always have useful information in it.  For example:  A new customer or lead entry is of no use to a business unless that new entry has some kind of contact or status information associated with it (email, phone number, address, active, inactive).  Just a company name at the top of a blank sheet paper or "jot note" has no relevance to anything or anyone and thusly should not be kept in your management software unless more information is added.  Scenarios like this do happen though.  Ever been interrupted while writing a note to your self?

It is for these reasons that Tradepoint deploys form validation technology on every screen.  When you open a Customer Window (for example) and add a new customer to the database without adding any other data and try to close the window without (automatically saving the entry), Tradepoint will automatically pop up a Little Red Ball beside certain fields telling you that there is required information that you must enter before saving the record to your database.  This step is crucial to successful management of your data.  At first it takes a little adjustment to get used to, but you will quickly grow to like and be thankful of this little handy tool.

If at any time you find yourself on a screen that will not save or close, quickly scan the window for the "Red Ball" to find out what you might be missing.  By mouseing over the red ball you will see a pop up a description telling you exactly what is needed and why it is needed before continuing.  If you do not enter this data, the record you are trying to create or edit will be of no use to your global company or reduce the effectiveness of your data management approach, therefore the record must be deleted instead of saved.  It will soon become reflex what fields are required on a new record and you will quickly learn that all Tradepoint required fields simply follow common sense.  It is there as an enhancement to your business. 

Chicken and the egg scenario:
If you are just starting your company you will quickly learn that all contact screens require a status to be entered for your company. Tradepoint will not let you save the screen without some sort of status for that contact.  The problem can be, you might not have setup any statuses as of yet for your business therefore you are lost in a "chicken or the egg" scenario.  It is important that the first thing you do before anything else in your Tradepoint software is setup proper statuses for each record type in the software.  Please see this tutorial:  Setting up your company for the first time or view this article: Status and category management.

Field Validation
Tradepoint validates every field as you enter them. Phone number fields must reflect a phone number format 555-555-5555, (555)555-5555 or any other international standard. See: This article  Email fields must contain valid email information:  Websites must have valid website information: or or any other standard web entry type.  Dates must be valid dates and "Tomorrow" or "Last Week" are not valid.  And so on.
Validating every field allows your business to query / report on information easily and effectively and manage your business information in an unparalleled way.  For detailed information, please mouse over a validation warning to see a pop up discription that explains valid format for each data field or view further help files about this topic.
Example of field with invalid content:


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