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2.11 General Introduction to Process Management Configuration


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The power of Tradepoint is found in its ability to automate processes that used to be manually performed.  Thinks like adjusting a GL when an ecommerce orders come in; notifying warehouse staff when a new sales order has been made; Making tasks for managers or staff members in a shared project.  Tradepoint already automates the general processes that apply to every business but through the further configuration of your Tradepoint software you can achieve new levels of process optimization and automation.  Spending time outlining your business processes in Tradepoint is crucial to your company success and efficiency within Tradepoint software.

Every business has a process that is unique to it self and might not be shared by other businesses even within the same industry.  That is why Tradepoint has been built with "Flexible Rigidity" in mind.  When you first install Tradepoint there are no general business management processes in place (like Sales Force Automation):  No statuses, No categories for products or contact management.  The fields are there to be utilized, but Tradepoint waits for you to fill your specific criteria for your.  This flexibility is vastly beneficial to your company because Tradepoint can now mould to suit your exact needs instead of your needs having to mould to fit the software.  After your processes are implemented in Tradepoint, Tradepoint can rigidly apply your rules and make sure they are adhered to.  Rules like: Calling back a customer within 30 days of product shipment or activation, or automatically creating a task in a project when another task is complete. Tradepoint allows you to outline any process that might be needed in your business, quickly and easily.

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