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2.22 Advanced Search Tool


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Being able to manage and adjust your data quickly is important to any business. As a result, Tradepoint has developed an Advance Search Tool that allows you to search, access and adjust your data as you see fit.  

Information is most relevant when it is specific. Most business people and professionals do not have time to sift through numerous search results that may or may not be related to their inquiry. The advanced search tool embedded within Tradepoint allows you to search for specific information based on your data and is accessible from every section of Tradepoint or on its own through the Home Tab in Company Resources.

Within each section of Tradepoint the Search Tool appears on the left side of the Main Screen. There is a Quick Find field at the top of the Search Tool as well as three Tabs labeled Results, Search and Tools. The Quick Find field does not limit you to entering an entire name or word. The first letter or two letters will bring up every existing name with the first letter or two letters entered in the Quick Find field. On the far right side of the Quick Find is a magnifying glass that when clicked will bring up every entry in that section (Leads, Customers, Resellers, Warehouses etc.).

Information that can be searched within the Advanced Tool bar will reflect the icons in the tool bar within that section of Tradepoint you are in. This means all of the types of information shown in the tool bar within Customers(shown below) can be searched from the Advanced Search Tool. This searching capability is found throughout Tradepoint.

Additional functionality within the Search Tool includes:

·         Being able to add or remove as well as set search categories by icon or list search categories vertically .

·         Being able to Sort Search results by nine different categories giving you the ability to drill down further into your searches.

·         With Tradepoint's Mail Merge wizard built into the Tools Tab of the Search function you are able to create a Mail Merge or Mass Email directly from the search results by answering some questions about the parameters of your Mail Merge.

·         With Tradepoint's Move/Copy wizard you are able to change, copy or move any or all of the search results from the search tool. The Move/Copy wizard can also be found under the Tools tab of the Search Tool.

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