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2.2 Tradepoint Window Setup and Orientation


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Window Setup and Orientation
To simplify your learning curve, Tradepoint has been designed with a "one window design applies to all" approach.  Once you understand how a window works in Tradepoint you will have pretty much learned the entire software.

Almost every Tradepoint window is divided into two main parts:

1. The left "Record Selection" side of the window:


2. The right hand "Content Delivery" side of the window:

The "Record Selection" is usually divided into three parts:

1. At the top you will see a "Quick Search" selection tool. This tool searches your database using alpha-numeric criteria in order to list specific contacts records for you.  For example: when you type in "Nor" into Tradepoint's search field, Tradepoint will return all contacts that start with the letters "Nor".  If no results are found, no results will be displayed.  Through Tradepoint security you can also specify what staff members can see different types of records (only their own records, all records in the company, etc.).  If you are just starting with Tradepoint, clicking the search button will yield no results until you add at least one contact item.


2. The middle of the Record Selection region is reserved for displaying search results for your quick search criteria.


3. The bottom of the Record Selection region of your window is reserved for Action Items having to do with the above information. Adding new Contacts, Deleting Contacts, Printing Reports, Sorting the List, Moving Contacts to other contact types (Lead to Customer for example) within the software, and Mail Merging.

The "Content Delivery" section of your window is divided into three parts:
1.  The top of the screen contains the contact management information for the item you are working on: Status, Category Information, Sales Rep allocation etc.


2. The main area of the screen displays your needed content information regarding that contact or item.


3. On the top of the "Content Delivery" section of your window you will also see a Content Delivery menu selector (Details, Personal, Lead info, etc) and menu items (Contact Details, Company Info, Custom Info, etc).   It is through this selector that you are able to access the all of the information for each contact or item: Control Billing, Phone Numbers, Assign Staff and a whole lot more depending on the window you are viewing.

! You must be viewing a record for any of the above to be active for navigation.  When the screen first loads, no records are selected. !

Depending on the sub menu you have chosen from the Menu Selector, you will often see Action Buttons below the "Content Delivery" section of the screen.  These "Action Buttons" directly control the information that is above it (in the content delivery section) in the same manner that the buttons in the "Record Selection" area of the window controls its above information.  Some actions of these Content Action Buttons include, editing information, printing information and other things each icon will describe.  To learn more about each button simply mouse over it and a pop up window will describe the function of each button. 

Auto Saving
All Tradepoint windows automatically save upon information change therefore you never have to worry about pressing a save button after you make any information changes on a record.  By simply clicking out of windows or changing the menu selector, Tradepoint will automatically save your changes to the database.  The only time this is not the case is when a button at the bottom of the screen automatically appears that says "Save"

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