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2.4 The Tradepoint Interface


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When you are using Tradepoint you will notice that there is a consistent theme, common icons and central interface design shared by all windows. Below is a guide to some of the common elements that you will find throughout Tradepoint.

Common buttons

 New Icon - Throughout Tradepoint you will find this icon and it will allow you to start a new entry within the specific section you are working in.

 Copy Icon - This icon will allow you to copy an entry or information within an existing field. This icon can be found throughout Tradepoint and within the Copy/Move Wizard.

 Edit Icon - This icon allows you to edit an existing field or entry of a given section within Tradepoint.

 Delete Icon - Allows you to delete a given item or field.

 Search Icon - This icon allows a search either within a given section or of Tradepoint as a whole for a specific piece of information.

Drop Down Lists - Quick-Add icon

In a number of locations you will find drop down list fields that have a blue plus-sign button beside them, for example the Category and Status field on the Contact windows. This indicates that the items in the list are controlled from the Options window and can be edited with the Configuration Tool if your user access settings allow. Clicking this button will open the Configuration Tool and automatically take you to the right location so that you can add or edit the items that appear in the specific list. When you close the Options window the list will be updated with the changes you have made.

Drop Down Search Fields

Another type of drop down list that you will find is the Search Drop Down. When a drop down field is linked to the list of contacts, products or employees displaying the entire list would not be practical so you will be presented with a search field. Simply type in the first few characters to narrow down you search and hit Enter or click the Search icon. The Search icon will be the magnifying glass on the right hand sise of the Search field. A list of the 10 closest matching items will be returned.


Multiple Item Entry
To save time and space, Tradepoint uses a new form of window layout (Appendix A):

The blue (information title section) at the top of this section of the screen details the order that the white/gray (content creation section)  is ordered in.  Here is an example of a "Side By Side" orientation (Appendix B):

Each Title on the left of the screen corresponds with a check bock on the right. 

This new unique approach allows Tradepoint to display a large volume of information without taking up vast amounts of space on the screen.  This also makes it easier for multiple rows of data entry at one time.  When entering a new item in a list (Appendix A) Tradepoint will automatically create a new row for you.  you can then tab across or click on the new row to start entering new information onto the next row without ever being required to click an "add button"

Automatic Saving

You will not find a Save button on the major windows in Tradepoint. Changes are saved automatically when you switch tabs, changes records, or close the window.

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