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2.6 Telephone Formatting


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Tradepoint strives to ensure that phone numbers are entered in a consistent way. The reason for this is so that you can search on phone numbers. If you don't enter phone numbers the same way all of the time, it would become impossible to search on them.

As a result,Tradepoint does it's best to convert whatever you type to the same format. We have chosen the international standard for phone numbers which is +Country Code (Area Code) City Code-Number.  The length of each section is completely variable so it will accommodate phone numbers from around the world. If you receive an error make sure that the format is correct.

You may also enter phone numbers without the + sign and with or without the Country Code as needed.

As a result the following are all valid:

+555 (555) 555-5555

+05 (55555) 55-55555

+ (55) 5555-55

(55) 5555-55 (this will have the + automatically added for you).

+555-555-555-5555 (this will be converted automatically)


And for North American standard formats you may also enter just the digits of the phone number like so:

1234567890 and the phone number will automatically be formatted as well.

To undo the phone number formatting for open data entry of phone numbers click the option for open data entry for phon numbers under  company settings.

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