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2.9 Iconography within Tradepoint


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Tradepoint uses an intuitive interface with Ribbon styled tool bars and iconography throughout the application. Iconography on the Tradepoint interface provides functionality to multiple tools at any one time.

To illustrate the functionality of the iconography within Tradepoint we will go through several screens to show the structure and function of the different tool bars throughout Tradepoint.

Below is a screen view of the main screen of Tradepoint with the Work center enabled and the different groups of icons highlighted.

Three tool bars exist in the Main tool bar menu at the top of the page. Home, Tools and Personal can be accessed by clicking the tab. Below are screen views of each tool bar.

Home Tab tool bar - Highlighted in Red - This tool bar will be found throughout Tradepoint and can be accessed by clicking the Home tab.The main icons you will use on a daily basis to manage your business the most will be found here. The configuration and/or available icons will be determined by User Access Settings therefore not all of these icons will necessarily be available when a User logs in.

Tools Tab- Most back office functions involving the setup of Tradepoint for your company will be found on this tab.

Personal Tab- Each User profile will have a Personal Tab with functions such as a personal Rolodex, Password Manager, Preferences and Time Sheets that will be specific to the User Access settings of the person logged in.

Customer Relationship Management - All of your CRM needs are addressed with the functionality in this section from the beginning of the sales process with Sources, to managing marketing needs with Enquiries and Leads, the sales and post sales process with customers and managing indirect sales through Resellers. A Rolodex is available here with contacts used on a company wide basis.

Collaboration - Within Tradepoint diverse functionality is accessible throughout a business management application. These tools can be accessed throughout Tradepoint in numerous locations. Whether you are in a Suppliers account and need to start a Project associated with their file, attaching a document to a Customer's file or need to send an email to a Lead and you are in the the Lead's account Collaboration allows you to do just that Collaborate.

Supply Side Management - Complete Inventory Management is integrated here with the ability to manage Suppliers and the warehouses where your Inventory is located. Add to this the ability to manage Product listings on your website of you are using one of our E-commerce Web modules as well.

Company Resources - Human Resource Management is a complete tool for Managing your Employees and their data and activity histories within Tradepoint. Even though reports can be generated from multiple Access Points within Tradepoint the XtraReports Writer is accessible here. Accounting functions can be performed in multiple locations relevant to that file you are working with directly however, the General Ledger is accessible within Company Resources.

The two red arrows indicate two other tool bars with different functionality than the Home tool bar. Tools has functionality addressing numerous back office functions such as Security Settings and Templates. The Personal  tool bar will have functionality available to the User Access settings of the person logged in including a Personal Rolodex, and Password Manager.

Work Center - Highlighted in Blue - The Work Center is available through the main screen or by clicking the Work Center icon in the Quick Access tool bar.This is a customizable tool based on the work flow process within your company. The three main sections indicate the type of function available through that group of icons.

Workflow  - Each of these icons will open the screen to that functionality. Contact information can be assigned to each action as it is created. An example would be an order can be taken immediately and the Customer information can be assigned after the Order is taken or a new Customer can be created after the Order has been taken

Collaborate - Each of these icons will allow you to create the specific function of the icon. Any contact or employee information can be assigned after the fact.

Find - Direct Searches within any of these types of data.

Flyout Panel - Highlighted in Green - This tool will be present throughout Tradepoint on the right hand side of the screen. The icons expand with the type of information they hold. Each icon will contain reminders about the processes, tasks, orders, emails, RFQs that require immediate attention. The purpose of the Flyout Panel is an internal Reminders system available for common business activities.

Quick Access tool bar - Highlighted in Yellow - This tool bar will be found throughout Tradepoint when any screen is opened. This will contain the icon for the Work Center, Punch Clock and Interactive Help icon. The Quick Access tool bar can be customized with the icons you use the most by right clicking on the small arrow you see on the far right.

The Quick Access Toolbar can be customized to add or remove functionality by right clicking on the drop down arrow on the right side and choosing the functions to add or remove to the tool bar. Any customizations will appear in the tool bar at the top of the page.

Choosing the Customize option will open the following window.

Going into Tradepoint to show further the functionality of the iconography are two examples of window layouts. The main window template used within all contact pages including the Customer Relationship Management, Suppliers and Projects is shown below.

Your Flyout Panel icons will appear as you see below and will be accessible from every screen within Tradepoint.

This is the main structure you will see for the majority of the screens.

This format will be consistent with the three main areas of functionality within the; Quick Access Toolbar, Ribbon-Styled tool bar and the main Contact Information section. You will also find the  Flyout Panel present on the far right side of the screen accessible by clicking any of the icons you see.

Another key example of the iconography within Tradepoint can be found on this next page. Within any given contact you will have sets of relevant icons for functionality specific to that contact.

Icons will be at the bottom of a page either on the left within the Quick Access Search Tool or on the right within the Contact Information details.

What is important to note is the icon functionality will be related to the section of the page they are located in.

Fore example, on the screen view below if you are looking to add a Personnel contact to this Contact you would use the icons on the lower right side of the page. If you were looking to start a New Contact entirely you would use the New icon within the Quick Access Search Tool.

The icons within the Quick Access Search Tool on the left will be relevant to the section of contacts you are working in. If you are looking to Create a New Contact, Delete a Contact, Print a Contact or Sort a Contact by the choices available in the pop up menu then use those icons.

If you are looking to perform any of the functions listed on the lower right in relation to the personnel attached to this contact then use the icons on the lower right side of the page.

This is important also if you are looking to Delete a Personnel contact within a Contact: use the Delete icon on the lower right corner. The Delete icon on the lower left will delete the entire Contact since it refers to the overall contact and not the Personnel Contacts listed within the Contact.


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