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21.11 Additional Interfaces and Advanced Searches


Additional Interfaces

There are many additional interfaces defined within the plug-in architecture that are described in the file.  Please review the definitions and report any questions that you might have to technical support.

Custom Searches and Action Panels

Custom searches and action panels can be created by inheriting a UserControl from Tradepoint.Windows.Searches.AdvancedSearchBase and Tradepoint.Windows.Actions.ActionBase respectively.

The AdvancedSearchBase implements one overridable Method called ReturnSearchFilter which should return a string of an SQL Query to be called. This should be the Where part of the query, and not the whole query.  If you do not wish to have the search call the function on the window that it is dropped on, it is important to return null to this method.

The same rules apply as developing applications that use the NavBar control in DevExpress. Of special note is setting a panel within the NavBar to "ContainerControl" so that you can drop other controls on it. In addition, scrolling does not work correctly within the NavBar container control, so it is important to put your controls within an XtraScrollableControl.


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