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21.12 Custom Reports



Custom reports come in two different types those that will be used in the My Business reporting section, and those used on dialogs to print things like Invoices and Quotes etc.

My Business Reporting

Within the Tradepoint.Reports.BaseReports namespace is a number of base reports that you can inherit from to provide basic functionality for each report. Each type implements virtual methods that allow you to BuildReport (with several overrides) and construct the report how you wish. To add a report to the My Business screen you will need to implement:


This Interface allows the system to provide information about all of the reports that you wish to add to the my business screen.

ReturnReports: This method returns a List<> of ReportInformation that defines the reports that you wish to add using the ReportInformation class to fill in all of the information. You can reference your own advanced search or one of the existing ones from the Tradepoint.Windows.Searches or Tradepoint.Reports.Searches namespace.

SectionImage(Section): This allows you to provide a custom image for any new sections that will show within the ribbon of the My Business section.

Single Item Reporting

This allows you to return additional reports that will be available for printing:


This interface has one method:

ReturnReports(FormName):  You should return a list of ReportInformation objects that define the reports that you wish the end user to be able to print.


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