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21.1 Getting Started


Tradepoint for Windows requires the following 3rd party tools that will allow you to develop additional plug-ins(graphical interfaces) within Tradepoint Software:

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 - This is the programming environment for all components of the Tradepoint suite of products. It is strongly suggested that you also have SP1 installed on the development machine before continuing.

For more information about Visual Studio 2008 please go to:

Developer Express .NET Winform Controls - These are the primary controls used within Tradepoint for all editing and most display with the exception of Ribbons and other toolbars. They are available for download trial at:

Current version used within Tradepoint: 10.1.4

DotNetBar WinForms Edition - These are used for integration with the Ribbon Bar in Tradepoint and all of the toolbars throughout the software. They are available for download at:

Current version used within Tradepoint:

Note: In both cases, to distribute your plug-in, you will require full licenses of both of these controls to properly compile for redistribution.


An example plug-in is available from This plug-in demonstrates the basics of developing a plug-in and testing it within your copy of Tradepoint. Your development machine will require Tradepoint to be installed in its default directory (c:\program files\Tradepoint) or you will need to update post-compile actions to point to the new directory for debugging.

The example plug-in may have issues with references because of the nature of .NET.  Please expand the References folder within the Example Plug-in project and ensure that all items do not have! beside them.  Any that do, please delete those references and re-add them, pointing to the versions within your Tradepoint installation folder.


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