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21.2 Orientation and Documentation


Orientation and Documentation


Tradepoint uses interfaces to consume plug-ins. These interfaces can be found in the Tradepoint.Windows namespace.  For more details on these interfaces, please download the class documentation from:

There are 5 main areas of customization that you can use:

1.       Branding. The ability to completely White-Label the software with your own logos and rename the software as you choose.  For more information please see the section on "Branding".

2.       Adding a tab to the main UI(User Interface).  This will allow you to add a tab, and add buttons to that tab. Each button can have its own UI for additional functionality. For more information, please see the sections "Adding a Tab" and "Creating Your Own Forms".

3.       Configuring Security.  Tradepoint allows you to control the security and thus the functionality that is available on every screen. Your security settings take precedence over those imposed using the built in security configuration so that you can limit the functionality available if you wish. For more information please see the section on "Securing and Limiting Access to Functionality".

4.       Adding a Tab to a sub-screen. This allows you to add and remove existing tabs within a sub-screen such as a contact window. For more information please see "Customizing Windows".

5.       Creating Custom Forms.  This allows you to add completely new functionality to Tradepoint and override windows already in the software such as quote screens with your own functionality.


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