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21.8 Data-binding in Tradepoint



Tradepoint uses a unique default method for data-binding to work around significant issues with the default mechanism within .NET.  On all frmBaseForm derrived forms there is a component called "dataBinding" which is an extenderprovider that allows you to do all saving and loading. This control has two properties that will need to be updated. Ensure that you have set your Connection's (con) connection string to your local database before updating these properties otherwise Visual Studio will crash.

Table: This defines the table in the database that will be used to persist the data and load it into the controls.

TimeStampField: This should always be set to the Modified field within the table selected.

All other properties should be left to the defaults.

On any control that is now put on the form you will be provided with additional properties for that control. Namely:

ControlProperty: This allows you to control which property holds the value that will be persisted to the database.

DataField: this allows you to select the field within the database that the data will be persisted to.

Once you have set these values on each control, simply setting the dataBinding.ID property will result in the values displayed in the controls. Calling the .Update() method or using the UpdateRecord() method on the derived forms will update the data source with the values in the controls.


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