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21.9 Custom Controls and their Benefits



Tradepoint makes heavy use of inherited controls from the normal DevExpress control suite to add new functionality and ensure consistency across the application and your plug-ins.  Each control has a sub calls called "DarwinControl" which has these additional properties:

Caption: This is the caption that will be displayed (by default to the left) of the control. By setting labels this way, it makes the forms MUCH lighter in weight. In our testing, this tripled the speed of loading large windows with a large number of label controls on it.

CaptionAlignment: This allows you to set where the label will be displayed relative to the control.

CaptionColor: The color that the caption will be displayed in

CaptionFont: The font that will be used to display the caption. The case of required fields we suggest that you set the underlined property to true to ensure consistency with the rest of the application.

HighlightEntry: This is used to determine if the control will have its background color highlighted when there is a value in it. This is especially useful for search fields.

RaiseChange: This is used to determine if data entry of any type in the control will cause a change event to be fired on the parent form. This is used for database tracking and persistence. In the case of non-data-bound fields this should be set to false.


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