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3.0 Company Setup


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If you are using Tradepoint for the first time and you selected default company types when you first installed the software, most of what you are about to see has already been done for you.  You can also use the following screens to edit the company information that was created when you first installed Tradepoint.

Click the Tools Tab  at the top left of your screen and then the Company icon within Settings.

The Company Setup window allows you to configure every part of your business. Tradepoint allows you to manage an unlimited amount of companies and divisions.  Each company and division can have their own General Ledger and management strategy within Tradepoint Software. 

The "Dynamic Help" information in this section is quite helpful so please utilize it while learning the many features of Tradepoint software.  For the purposes of this article we give a brief illustration on how navigate to GL and Taxation setup for your company.

Once you have the company setup screen opened, please select the Divisions icon to Setup your Company:

The company name(s) displayed in the list to the left are all of your companies, and the name(s) located on the right of the window are your division(s).  If you are a business that operates without multiple divisions, your division name will be the same as your company name. 


Please double click your division and you will see this tool bar at the top of your screen:

By clicking on the Chart of Accounts icon within Accounting(in the screenview below), you will be able to setup and edit your General Ledger:

Tradepoint also allows you to store your company logo at the top right of the screen.
Sales taxes, preferences can any other areas can also be selected from the menu area of the software.  Dynamic help will describe each region:


Please use the Dynamic Help section of Tradepoint Software to explain all of these areas in a topic sensitive way.  Dynamic help can be opened through the help file menu located at the top of your screen.

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