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3.10.3 Order Status Definitions



Submitted - Started woring on the order, don't want anything to happen to it yet.


Credit Cleared - The Order has been fully paid (or there is credit information on file) for and is ready to ship by the warehouse. This is an automatic setting when an Order is both Authorized or Paid for in full.


In Production - Order is being fulfilled at the warehouse, or has been sent to the supplier for drop shipping.


Partially Shipped - Part of the original Order has been shipped to the Customer, the remaining portion of the Order is waiting (could be various reasons).


Complete - Order is 100% done and shipped.


On Hold - This is a manual setting that can be used to notify the Warehouse that some aspect of the Order is not right and is not yet ready to Ship.


Under Review - Manual setting normally used to review credit information including fraud, etc.


Cancelled - Order is cancelled and all remaining items no longer need to be fulfilled.

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