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3.12.3 Fee Schedules within Payroll Deductions


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To create and/or access those Fee Schedules highlight one of the deductions and click the "Edit Fee Schedules' icon in the lower right of the screen.

Note: Each Payroll deduction can have multiple Fee Schedules attached and if you have Employees working in multiple states this may be the case.

The next screen will have the fields for applicable parameters and for income ranges that percentages can be applied to. Each of the main fields in the top of the page is optional since multiple combinations of information may be the case.

If the deduction is applicable on a national level then keep the State field blank.

If an income 'floor' or 'ceiling' is not applicable in the case of your Fee Schedule then leave those blank and enter in the income ranges.

Each listed income range is a Fee Schedule and multiple Fee Schedules can be created with the 'New Fee Schedule' icon in the lower right.

The fields for Employer and Employee deductions can be set up for percentages or fixed amounts for each Fee Schedule with each income range.

When all of your deductions have been set up save your changes.

The second part of Payroll preferences will be explained as being specific to each Employee, when Employee profiles with schedules are setup.

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