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3.4.3 Language Localization - Step 2


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Completing localization for multiple languages can happen after the Company Settings have been setup for more than one language.

One or more languages can be setup through the Company Settings and then the actual content will need to be uploaded or created manually through the Localization settings found in the Tools tab.

From Company Settings click on the Tools tab. The localization icon will be visible.

The main screen will show your pages listed on the left with expandable menus for sub pages in the 'plus signs'. 'Target Language' pulls the information from localization settings which have been setup in Company Settings for language localization.

Clicking on any of the listed pages with any of the drop menu options of listed available languages will open that particular page to be localized for that language or in this case variations of English.

Content can be entered in manually on the right hand side, or copied from another source. An image can be uploaded into the content from the icons highlighted or added to the Static Text pages under the Tools tab.

Note: Most browsers will automatically pick up the language of the IP address of the user on the computer showing in their native language. However, using a translator and directly localizing pages for specific markets will yield more accurate results in the subtleties of language dialect and give you more control over the information you present within a given market.

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