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3.4 Web Site Configuration Settings


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For customers using our Ecommerce solutions these sections are often pre-populated during the installation process of your website. This setup guide will offer an explanation of the functions of each one and how to use then to make fundamental changes to your website, language localization, and configuration settings for automatic web based actions and email style sheets

The Web Site Configuration screen contains a number of settings for your web site when using Tradepoint for Web.

To reach the Website Configuration follow this path from the Home Tab.

Home Tab--->Tools Tab--->Company Settings--->Configuration icon

The Image Auto-Sizing section allows you to set the maximum size for a number of types of images. When an image is imported into Tradepoint it will be automatically scaled using these settings to ensure that it is displayed correctly on the web site.

In the Default Text Elements section you can set the text that will appear for three common text elements. The $0.00 Price Label field determines what will be displayed for products that have a list price of $0.00.

The check boxes in the Default Product pages section determine which product sub-pages will be displayed for each product by default. These can be over ridden through settings in individual product listings.

The Product Page Layout and Product List Display Layout determine how the product category and product detail pages will be displayed.

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