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4.12 Availability Stream


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The Availability screen allows you to manage the availability for the stream.

At the top of the window you can enter a Name and Description for the stream. You can also specify if this is the default stream for this employee.

To enter the daily availability for this stream, click the New button in the bottom right to add an availability period. Add the name and type of hours such as 'Office Hours' in the heading field at the top of the page.

The date this Stream of Availability is established will be the default in the 'Applicable Between Dates' field. there is a dynamic calendar built into this field to choose a different date. if a date in the future is set then this Schedule will not be visible when you login to Tradepoint until this date.

Unless you have a specific time that this schedule will be active for we recommend you leave the 'To' field empty. On a date that the Schedule is set to expire it will simply no longer show when you login. So, we recommend leaving the To field empty.

Below the applicable dates you can set the hours that you are available each day of the week, and any lunch period when you are not available. To enter the times, simply click in the desired cell and start typing the time you wish to enter.

For employees working less than the company's default work days ("part-time" employees) the days not worked must be "skipped" in the stream.  To set a default work day to skipped, set the Day's From time to "null" (by selecting the cell and pressing CTRL+0 (zero)) and the Day's To time to "12:00 AM" and set Lunch From and To times to null as well.  (This says that, on a skipped day, the employee starts work at "no time" and ends work at "no elapsed time".) (Using null ensures that a cell is completely empty.)

Billable Services and any increment you may have for any billable hours you provide can be associated with a particular Employee by entering the amount and the Product associated with this Billable Hour rate.

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