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4.3.1 Security Policies


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Tradepoint has been built first and foremost with security in mind.  The very first thing you must do when opening Tradepoint is log in.  What this does is not only allow access or restrict access to certain areas of the software, but it also allows the creation of an audit able trail within the software.

Tradepoint allows for an unlimited amount of security policies.  Every employee must be linked to some sort of Security Policy in order to log into Tradepoint.  Through Tradepoint's Security Policies Window you can specify to the very field name, weather or not you would like employees to have read, write, edit and or delete access to specific information.  Tradepoint will even hide windows and tabs from users if their permissions do not allow access to those secured areas.  Proper setup of your company's security policies does take a little effort, thought and time, but it is well worth it.  We have built Tradepoint with security in mind.  Feel free to use Tradepoint security to its highest level.

The Tradepoint Security Policies window can be opened by clicking the tools Tab and then the Security icon. In this window you can store an unlimited number of policies and assign these policies to an unlimited number of staff.  The Security Settings within Tradepoint are secure by default which means when you create  a new Security Policy you will need to check off each section you would like that Profile to have access to.

Simply check on the boxes you would like your staff to have access to and Tradepoint software will secure itself.  It is advisable to start at the lowest permission level and build your way up as you go.  At any time you can create a new policy from scratch, or use an existing policy as a template to build a new policy with. 

Tradepoint security window for customers:

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