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4.3 Employee Security Settings


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The Login and Security screen allows you to set the Tradepoint login and security settings for this employee. Below is the main screen to establish Security Settings.

User Access Settings

Here you can set the login and password that the employee will use to access Tradepoint, and the security policy level that the employee will have. The login and password are not case sensitive. The employee may change their password once they have logged in. The policy list allows you to select from the security policies that you have created. For more information on setting up a security policy, please see the Security Policies article listed below.

Assigned Company Divisions

The Assigned Company Divisions list allows you to set which division this employee can log in to. At least one division must be listed here or the employee will be unable to log in to Tradepoint.

Assigned Locations

The assigned locations box lists any warehouse/location that have been set up in Tradepoint. By assigning an employee to a warehouse/location they will be able to complete orders for that warehouse/location.

It is important to not that the Activation and Deactivation fields will allow profiles to be established quickly and terminated just as quickly if necessary. When an Employee's profile is deactivated they will no longer be able to login however, you will be able to retain all of their records and any activities they were a part of. This way you will be able to provide consistent service to your clients when there is turnover and  securely retain your companies proprietary information.

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