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4.5 Employee Attributes


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The Attributes screen allows you to store any information you would like that is not contained on any other screen by creating custom data fields.

The really powerful part is that you can specify what kind of data is allowed to be stored in these fields so that you can force users to enter information in a structured way ensuring that you will be able to use the information in searches without having to guess which format it was entered in.

Some examples of Attributes that can be stored in an Employee's file include education levels, skill levels, or any Professional licenses or Certifications they may hold qualifying them for employment within a given capacity.

Below is an example of an Attributes screen with data established. By clicking on the New Custom Field icon in the lower right hand corner you will be able to add to existing fields or create new ones altogether.

The New Custom Field Icon opens the Setup & Configuration Tool directly. The next few screen views will illustrate the process.

The main screen in the Setup Configuration Tool is what you see directly below. The Menu Bar with Employees and then Attributes tells you where you are within the Setup and Configuration Tool. The Setup and Configuration Tool will always allow you to establish Categories, Statuses, and Attributes throughout Tradepoint yet you will always be directed to the exact field configuration from the initial point of access.

Clicking on New Category will allow you to define a New Category as shown in the next Screen View below. In this field type in the Name and any description of the field and then Click on the New Attribute icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen view.

The next screen view illustrates establishing particular characteristics of the New Category. So when data is added to this Custom Attribute field it will be in the exact format according to the type of data that field has been assigned to hold.

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