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4.6 E-mail Settings


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The E-mail Settings screen contains some general e-mail settings and a list of all e-mail accounts that have been created for the employee. They are found within the Employee Section under the Email Settings Icon.

Overall Settings

Check e-mail every 'X' minutes - This determines the duration between automatic e-mail checks when the e-mail window is open.

Send Plain Text by Default - When checked new e-mails will be created as plain text. When unchecked new e-mails will be in html format by default.

Check e-mail on e-mail start - If you do not want Tradepoint to automatically check for e-mail when you open the e-mail window then uncheck this box. Otherwise Tradepoint will automatically check for new e-mails when you open the e-mail window.

Check Spelling on Send - Checking this box will cause Tradepoint to automatically run the spell checker when you click the Send button on a new e-mail. If this box is unchecked you will have to manual initiate the spell checker.

Always sign e-mails - When checked your signature will be automatically added when starting a new e-mail.


E-mail Accounts

The e-mail accounts list shows all of the accounts that have been set up. You can change any of the three check box fields directly. To edit the account details either double click the account, or select it and click the Edit button.

Click the New Account button to add a new account.  To remove an account, select the account in the list and click the Delete button.

Clicking on the New Account icon will open the next screen view for you to enter in your POP 3 and SMTP Server Settings.

Advanced Settings for email is found under the advanced icon in the top left corner. Clicking on the Advanced icon will open the screen with additionaql options for email settings including ports and email timeout options.

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