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5.12 Managing Multiple Schedules


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For people who manage the schedules of other people Tradepoint offers some tools to allow for a certain amount of privacy in your Scheduling.

The Employee structure within an Employee profile allows for more than one 'Stream of Availability' (or separate Calendar) within an Employee profile and still keep security of a Calendar that you would like to keep private.

To create more than one Calendar so someone else can manage your schedule follow the following steps:

1. Create and additional Stream of Availability(additional Calendar) within your profile, as shown in the image below.

2. Set the calendar you would like to the person's 'Schedule Setup' who will be managing your calendar. This list will allow this profile to see all of the Calendars for other Employees shown below,

3. Log out and log back in to have the Employee setting be acknowledged. When you log back in you will be able to see the additional Schedule that has been made visible within your profile.

Now you will be able to set private and public appointments for someone else within your profile.

Please remember that when a Schedule is assigned to someone within the Schedule Setup it will only be visible to the person it is assigned to. For the person who will be using two different Calendars be sure that both Calendars are specified within the Schedule Setup of their Employee profile.

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