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5.16 Mass Email Campaigns - Part 1 Creating Searches


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Creating a Mass Email Campaign within Tradepoint is handled in 2 steps:

1. Creating and Saving any contact searches.
2. Using the Mass Email Tool to send out emails to a group.

This article focuses on using the search tool to create and save searches.

Creating contact searches can be done easily using the following steps. Some examples of most commonly used searches are included in this article.

Searches are done within any section of contacts in Tradepoint through the Advanced Search Tool found on the left hand side of the screen. The example below starts within the customers section of Tradepoint.

Multiple types of contacts can be searched on from one screen. Steps to create a search include:

1. Specifying the search criteria (type of contacts, search information)
2. Saving the Search

A few things about the advanced search screen:

Once the search criteria has been created and the search icon clicked, a search can be saved by typing in the name of a search above and saving the search using the save icon.

Any saved searches will appear in a drop down menu in the advanced search tool in contacts. Tradepoint's advanced search tool will pull the latest search results each time a saved search is used. This means as contacts are added into Tradepoint which meet the search criteria they will appear in search results to be used in mass emails or mail merges.

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