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5.1 Schedule Viewing Options


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Access your main schedule from the Home tool bar.

Within your schedule you have three different viewing options; Collaborative, Monthly, and Daily. The icons for these options are found in the upper left corner of your main schedule.

The default view shown in your Schedule will be the Day view. You do have the option of showing as many days within the schedule as you would like as well as all or part of the people with whom you are collaborating with in your Schedule with the list on the left side of the screen, Simply check off the names of the people whose Schedules you would like to see.

Hovering your mouse over any scheduled Appointment will allow you to view the details without having to double click to drill down into an Appointment. The different colors correspond to the different types of Appointments.

The Work Week view will show any Appointments scheduled for a given work week (ex. Monday-Friday) You will have the ability to hover your mouse over any scheduled Appointment to minimize clicking for additional details.

The arrows on either side of the top of the Calendar will allow you to navigate to earlier or later months. Multiple Appointments are listed that are the same type since your Schedule is still collaborating with others.  Double clicking on any of the days here will take you to the specific Appointment screen for additional detail.

The Week view will show the Schedules of different people who you are collaborating with by their names vertically on the side of the screen and the Days across the top of the screen. All available Appointment details will be viewable through the main screen you see below.

Typically the month view will show a month with Employees listed on the side and the days listed on the top of the screen. Checking off the Employees that are listed in the box on the left will adjust the month schedule view.

The timeline view will show hours along the top, Employees along the side and a scroll bar to move along the bottom to view shared schedules for a week. Hovering over any scheduled appointments will show details of the appointment. Double click an appointment to edit the appointment details.

The team view provides a clear view of a work week of shared schedules over a week.


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