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5.3 Schedule Setup


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Employee Profile Settings

Tradepoint’s Schedule starts with profile settings for basic setup, schedule collaboration with others and a tool for managing holidays and scheduled time off.

The basic settings within an Employee profile start with the availability you want to have in your schedule. This starts by setting a date your calendar begins and your hours of availability.

Keep in mind that Tradepoint’s schedule will adjust automatically to reflect any Appointments made outside of your regular availability.

Within an Employee profile setting up hours of availability is done from this screen shown below. To access this screen:

1.       Click on the Employees icon from the Home Tab.

2.       Search for your Employee profile using the Quick Search Tool in Employees.

3.       Click on the Availability icon and then click on the ‘New Stream’ icon.

If you have different hours throughout a week enter in the beginning and ending times you will be available throughout a week on each day.

If you have consistent hours on a schedule you can type in the hours for Monday then hit the enter key to have the pre-populated for Monday-Friday. The same will apply for weekend availability.

The schedule will scale to show the availabilities for everyone you are sharing a Schedule with.

Schedule Sharing

To share your schedule with other people click on the Schedule Setup icon from the tool bar within Employees.  You will be directed to a screen where you can choose from existing Employees schedules whom you would like to share schedules with.

Simply double click on the empty field to search for and choose an Employee or use the ‘New Employee Stream’ icon at the lower right to choose from existing schedules.

Each person you share a schedule with will show within your schedule with the option to check off any schedule you do not need to view from your main Schedule.

For Schedule settings and changes to be acknowledged log out and then log back in. The Schedule adjustments will appear the next time you access your Schedule.


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