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5.7 Attach Documents to your Appointments


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Attaching documents to your Appointments can be done through the icons shown in the top of an Appointment details screen.

The Documents functionality within Appointments will be identical to adding a document to a contact, product or project.

Clicking on the Add New Document icon  in a contact, task, appointment, or Project will open the Add New Document window allows you to create a new blank document, create a document from a template, or import an existing document.

Within Tradepoint entering a document can be done in several ways through Tradepoint. The main screen to enter a document in is shown below.

Document categories are established at the top of the page. The blue plus will open the Setup and Configuration tool enabling you to create detailed Categories.

Security Settings are available if you are using one of our Web Modules(labeled Web Access) and for the local application(labeled Local Access).

Tradepoint natively supports a large number of file formats for advanced functionality. For other document types you can import the documents and the system will automatically open and save them correctly into the database for you.

When creating a new document the file extension will be appended automatically for you. Also note that regardless of whether you are creating a new document or importing an existing one, it is advisable to enter a description and optionally a category in the bottom section of the window so you can easily locate the document once it has been saved into Tradepoint.

New Document

To create a new blank document, ensure that the New Document option is selected. Then select the type of document you would like to create and enter a filename in the Name of Document field (without the file extension). It is also advisable to enter a description and category. When this information has been entered, click the Save button and Tradepoint will launch the appropriate application with a new document.

When you save and close the document, Tradepoint will save the changes to the database.

Existing Document

To import a document from your computer, select the Existing Document option. Click the file folder icon to open a file browse window, and locate the document you wish to import. When you have selected the file, enter a description and category and click the Save button.

Document Web Access Settings

If you are using one of our Ecommerce solutions, documents can be made available online and control who can see which files simply by checking off the web access types that you wish to have access to the document. If you do not want the document to be available online, simply ensure that none of the check boxes are checked.

How Tradepoint maintains files

Tradepoint opens documents automatically using the default application for whatever type of document you select to open. Once the document is opened, Tradepoint monitors the documents and waits for it to close. When the application that opened it is closed, Tradepoint will check to see if any changes were made and pull the updated document into the database.

While the system is monitoring the file that you have opened, you can freely open other documents, and use Tradepoint as you normally would. All monitoring happens in the background with no impact on you. If you have documents open when you close Tradepoint you will be prompted to save and close the documents before exiting Tradepoint to avoid loosing your changes.

Further Help Articles on each of these functions will walk you through each of these processes in detail.

When documents have been entered into Tradepoint they will be structured by type within a given location in Tradepoint. Below is an example of a document structure attached to a contact(in this case a Customer) file.

These views will be consistent throughout Tradepoint when you open the documents whether it is through a Customer, Lead, Supplier, Project or attached to a Task or Appointment.

Document revisions are visible and tracked through this page with the User Access Settings of the individual . They will be listed in a stepped format in chronological order.

 When a Document is highlighted the remaining icons will become live and you can then choose if you would like to open or create a revision from an Existing document.

When the 'Create Revision from Current' icon is chosen the highlighted document will open and you will be able to make the necessary changes to the specified document.

The Revised document will be attached to the original in a stacked format time and date stamped with the User Access Settings of the individual who made the changes.

Scanning a document is done through the New Scanned Document icon.  This will open the wizard where you can scan in a document through the drivers of the scanning device attached to your computer. Tradepoint will automatically look for any device attached to your computer.

The wizard to Scan in a Document will look for any device attached to your computer.

Below is an example of the window where you will be able to scan in a document.

Scanning functionality is in the tool bar at the top of the page. A Document description and Category can be set towards the top of the page. When you have scanned in your document you will be prompted to Save it at the bottom of the page. You also have the option to Print a scanned document at the bottom of the page.

Your documents will appear within the Appointment under the Documents icon in the same fashion shown below.

Provided the security access for the attached documents permit, everyone associated with the Appointment will have access to the Documents.

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