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6.10 Products Owned Versus Products of Interest


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When adding or editing a Product of Interest or Product Owned entry you will be presented with the Contact Product Details window. This window allows you to record all of the information about the product including any related accessories.

A view of the Products Owned Screen is below.

Products Owned are specific to Customers while Products of Interest are specific to Leads. When a Lead becomes a Customer any Products of Interest that are specified will follow that Lead into the Products Owned section when it becomes a Customer.

Within Leads a view of the Products of Interest screen within Leads is shown below.

To add a Product of Interest to a Lead Click on the New Product icon. the following screen view will open.

If a lead is also evaluating any accessories or is considering them with a product they can be attached to the Product by clicking on the New Accessory icon and then filling in the details you see below.

The buttons in the bottom left, New Call and New Order, allow you to create a new support incident or order related to this product. This is useful when a customer calls with a technical issue regarding one of the products they have purchased. By linking the support incident to the product you will have a complete history of incidents and orders for the product.

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