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6.11 Opportunities


Opportunities is functionality designed for you to track any opportunities associated with a Source, Lead or Customer.

Opportunities  can be found in the main tool bar within the CRM section of Tradepoint.

The main screen for Opportunities is shown below. Any existing Opportunities will be listed separately in the card style you see. The Red Ball is in the example shown below because it is a read only example.

Multiple Opportunities can be stored within one Contact. Once an Opportunity has been created it can only be Revised and not edited.

Clicking on the New Opportunities icon  you see in the lower left hand corner of the screen will open the window where you can specify the details of an open Opportunity. An example of this window is shown below.

Functionality is consistent with other windows in Tradepoint. Categories and the Stage of an Opportunity are established above the Product information. For an Opportunity a Stage is also the same as a Status.

Products and details are accessible through drop down windows as shown above. When you have entered all of your details Save your changes and your Opportunity will be listed in the main Opportunities screen.

If you have your Work Center enabled in your Employee profile you will then be able to see any open Opportunities that you have created and or any open opportunities within your team if you have User Access Setting that allows you to view other people's activity.

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