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6.1 Introduction to CRM


Customer Relationship Management within Tradepoint is defined by these icons.

Sources Icon

Here you can import source lists and directories from third party vendors and operate these lists as an integrated part of our Tradepoint software. (Harris Directories, Scott's Directories etc.)

Enquiries Icon

Here you can store customer inquiries about your company and its products and services.  Creating a tradition of routinely entering enquiry data will make it easy to calculate ROI on advertising dollars and help identify purchasing trends and other crucial business information.

Leads Icon

In a normal sales management flow, a Source Item or an Inquiry Item quickly becomes a Lead.  Tracking sales leads is the purpose of Tradepoint's Lead Window.  As soon as a Source Item shows interest in your product or an Enquiry Item provides contact information, it is customary to move that item from its original place be come become a lead and be followed up wits sales staff. The lead window (as with every applicable window) allows you to setup your own custom built Sales Force Automation Processes by utilizing its category, status and other management fields.  This is explained further in the article:  (The Lead Window - Soon to come) 

Customers Icon

Once you move a Lead contact to a Customer Contact you will be able to automate all accounting sequences and other needed support information for each Customer Record.  Through Tradepoint's Customer Management Window you can automate all call-center and customer support details for your business and successfully manage all support needs through the extensive support section of each customer account. The customer contact window facilitates every requirement for successful management of your customers.

Resellers Icon

The reseller section allows for complete mangement of a reseller through this window. All of the functionality enabled within the Customer Mangement Window is duplicated within the Resellers Management Window. Tradepoint's Reseller Management Window also allows you to manage all activity of your resellers including what product lines they currently represent and track their sales. The resellers window provides a structure for complete management of your resellers as a customer and a partner in promoting your products and services.

Competitors Icon

Keep track of who your competitors are and what products and services they offer that compete directly with your company. Communications, contact infomation, and product lines can be tracked through this section. 

Rolodex Icon

A company Rolodex can keep general contact of other businesses that you use for various services. Office Supplies, IT support, and your Accountant are just a few that can be kept here to be accessible by everyone with security permissions.

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