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6.2.2 Source Lists


Within Tradepoint your basic screen layout is going to be what you see below. This window theme is the most used theme / template in Tradepoint.  If you learn how to use this window effectively, you have already learned over 90% of the software's design (feel free to open customer, dealers and warehouse windows to prove the point).  However, Throughout Tradepoint the functionality that is accessible within a particular section will be different in the tool bar at the top of the screen.  The tool bar shows what collaborative functionality is available for a particular section  within any given section of Tradepoint.

If your company owns lists like "The Harris Directory" "The Scott's Directory" or any other industry specific directory that would offer thousands or hundreds of thousands of entries, you can directly import them into Tradepoint. 

For example in our International Holdings Database, you can easily print out every company who's name starts with the letter "A" that resides in the state of Pennsylvania.  Cold calls, mass mailings and more can be done from this list.

Most companies that use such databases use the manufacturer's GUI to manage their leads or, export the source items into an Access file to be queried by admins.  This Access file or manufacture's GUI solution causes major headaches because both systems do not communicate directly with the lead management side of the business.  Double entry or other middle ware headaches become an issue.   Also, creating lists in Tradepoint requires no knowledge of working a database.  Many company admins are forced to learn direct database commands like:  SELECT Northeast.*  FROM Northeast  WHERE (((Northeast.State)="PA") AND ((Northeast.[employee count])>"20")); in order to create a simple list.   Tradepoint simplifies the process by having users fill in simple fields, and Tradepoint takes care of the rest.


This layout now allows you to query (through Tradepoint) your source list and handle entries like any internal account.  Keep notes, move to clients leads or customers, store documents, keep track of multiple statuses etc.  The tool bar at the top of the screen shows the collaborative functionality  available within Sources. The 'Quick Find' field provide an Advanced Search Tool allowing you to pull up all organizations starting with the letters 'Bes'(as shown here). Within the Search section directly below the 'Quick Find'  lists can be filtered by SIC code, NAICS codes, geo / metro codes, staffing levels, annual revenue levels, county, status, phone numbers and more.    

Below illustrates the  advanced search and sort features available  in Tradepoint.  The window divider is movable allowing you to see as many of the search icons as you wish at the bottom of the screen. You also have the option of showing or hiding specific search icons in the Advanced Search Tool by pulling up the window as shown below.

It is important to note that when going into a new window you do not have to close out the current window you are using. Simply click on the 'Home' icon and you can then access all other sections of Tradepoint while keeping the sections you are working in open. The tabs at the top of the tool bar will show which screens you still have open.

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