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6.2.4 Leads



Once you move Enquiries or Source Items to leads, Tradepoint offers you a whole bunch of new features to manage your contact.  Look at the tabs in the tool bar at the top of the page:  Appointments, RFQs (Request For Quotes), Call Log, Quotes, Projects, Documents, Notes, etc.

Tradepoint's lead management system allows you to specify any sales or lead management process by creating your own custom categories statuses ownership levels and more.  Tradepoint can evenly automatically create new events once an event is completed. 

One Example would be: when an appointment is set, Tradepoint can automatically flags a staff member (admin or sales) to confirm that appointment 24 hours in advance. Another might be: if a voice mail is left and the individual did not return the voice mail within 48 hours, Tradepoint will flag the staff member that left the voice mail to try calling the contact person again.  This is a powerful advantage for "closing the sales loop" and ensuring that every sales process either results in a sale, or the sales person actively giving up on a contact.  All problems in between like: Forgetting to call back, forgetting about a client for 3 weeks because of the other 90 clients in the roster were too overwhelming.  You get the idea.  Using Tradepoint CRM features properly is just about guaranteed to raise your sales if not raise the effectiveness of every staff within your company.

An enquiry being moved into Leads or a Lead being moved into Customers  can easily be done using the Move/Copy wizard found under Tools right next to the Search icon towards the top left section of the page. This is also where you will find the  Mail Merge and the Mass Email wizards as well but, we'll talk about those more later.

Clicking on the Move/Copy wizard will bring up a screen that allows you to choose if you would like to Move or Copy a File, choose to convert it and to what category. Your changes are automatically saved and your Lead has now become a Customer, for example.

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