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6.2.5 Customers



The Tradepoint Customer Window tabs are pretty much the same as the tabs found on every other window in Tradepoint.  You will notice that the lead window has no accounting tabs, simply because a lead needs no accounting, they are not a customer or dealer or that sort of contact as of yet.  That is the only real difference between the different windows of Tradepoint:  Leads, Customers, Dealers, Warehouses, Manufactures, etc.

The management of customers through this section of Tradepoint is quite powerful.  Some things you can track include:


Tradepoint shows a complete history of what projects, tasks or support requests each customer has had and even keeps track of the products owned by that customer. This is handy for a customized service for each customer, on the phone, face to face or even over the web.  An example of this is shown in the email section below.



Because Tradepoint has centralized all of your email functions, emails are easily stored under each lead, customer / client account.  No longer must you concern yourself with CC'ing other parties or having important emails locked inside folders of a staff member's computer.  Simply store all needed email information under the client's account where every team / staff member (with proper security permission) can gain access.


Tradepoint allows you to keep easy track of all personnel at a customer's business. Tradepoint will even store the extensions, emails, personal information, specific job title and arrange them in an organizational hierarchical treed chart.  See at a glace what staff reports to what other.  Tradepoint can even specify key contact over normal contacts at the click of a button.


Any work orders, Request for Quotes, Quotes and Orders.  This even allows you to see what percentage of your request for quotes actually become orders.  Because Tradepoint can even track other clients your customer purchases from, you can even gather information on where lost bids could have gone. Tradepoint has both Payables as well as Receivables included in the functionality under Customers so daily account management responsibilities can be conducted as a seamless part of your business process.


This screen shot below shows the template used for the forms found in payables and receiveables. This one happens to be a quote however, it will look the same when you create an RFQ, Invoice, Order, Bill or Purchase Order. Tradepoint gives you the option of simply saving it to a customer's file, storing it in a specific file format or emailing as an attachment from that customer's file.



In Tradepoint, documents can be easily stored within a customer account.  Within the Documents section under Customers you will find either a New Documents icon or a New Scanned Document icon at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.  The New Documents icon will bring up this screen you see below and you can choose which document type and how you would like that document saved under this customer file.



These documents can be of any time and can be accessed by all users with the appropriate security permissions; these files can also be accessed from anywhere in the world, not only on a LAN or other type of system.  Do away with your need for centralized servers and paper warehouses.  Some document examples would be: Word files, Access files, AutoCAD files, Marketing reports, Graphic files, video files, Technical files and any other file type.


Complete appointment histories for every customer, the results of each meeting and even minutes if needed.


Tradepoint automatically performs accounting forecasting and payment history for every one of your clients.


All accounting can be done through Tradepoint's powerful General Ledger area or through each client account individually.  This means Small business can conduct their entire business without ever needed to open a GL or learn how to manage one.  T


radepoint automatically updates the GL with every invoice made or payment received.  This saves vast amounts of learning curve time, weekly checking and double entry problems.  Out of office accountants or accounting controllers can even access all needed business information remotely from their office by "synchronizing" with your version of Tradepoint.  From there they can do all of your accounting remotely, never needing to physically come into your office.  They can even access scanned invoices or receipts that you have placed in your Tradepoint.

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