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6.21 Appointments


The Appointments screen allows you to view appointments that have been assigned to the contact. From this list you can create new appointments, view and edit the appointment details, or delete the appointment if you the appropriate security permissions.

Appointments and Planned Appointments

You will notice that there are two new buttons on the appointment screen:

New Planned Appointment and New Appointment. There are also buttons that allow you to convert a planned appointment into an appointment, and vice versa.

So what is the difference between a planned appointment and an appointment?

A planned appointment is one that you know you have to schedule, but have yet to book. This is useful for keeping track of things that you have to talk about, but haven't had a change to setup, or are not yet ready to schedule. An appointment is one that is completely booked. There is a set date and time when you will meet with one or more people.

Clicking on New Appointment will open the window you see below to establish the parameters for a New Appointment.

Attendees - Where internal Employees can be added to Appointments
Guests - Where any contact can be added to an Appointment(Source, Enquiry, Lead, Customer, Rolodex Contact, Supplier)

Any New Appointments listed in a Customer's Account will be listed under the appointments as seen below.

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