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6.22 Tasks


The Tasks screen allows you to view, manage and add tasks that are related to the contact. Tasks can be accessed from within Leads, Customers, Resellers, Competitors, Rolodex, Projects, Supply Side Management and Employees.

The icon within those sections will look like this.  

Any existing tasks within those above mentioned sections will be listed in the Tasks Section and to start a New Task click on the New Task icon within those sections.

When you add a new task from the contact window, the contact you are logged into will automatically be added to the task. In addition, any tasks that you create from your task panel that have a contact added to them will show up on the tasks screen of that contact. Any tasks created will be time stamped with the user access settings of the person who started the Task.

Any existing tasks within a Customer file will be listed in the Tasks section. If it has been partially completed it will be listed with the green bar partially completed as you can see below.

When you click on New Task the screen that opens is shown below.

Reminders for a Task can be established by the pop-up calendar at the bottom of the screen and then choosing a date. Any Reminders set within a Task, Call Log, or Appointment will be listed in the Flyout Panel as they come due.

This is the Reminders window that opens when you first login to Tradepoint showing outstanding Reminders for assigned tasks. Any Reminders in Red are Past Due.

The main information regarding the task that requires additional attention can be seen in the fields as well as the Role of the User logged in and the date the Reminder was set.

The partial Green Bar you see shows how much of a task has been completed. This is particularly important for Tasks within Projects.

The Task in Red shown is over due and this will continue to alert the user until it has been clicked on, completed and closed.

Clicking on any one of the Tasks here will open the window you see on the previous page and allow you to add additional notes and fill out the appropriate fields as a Task is completed. When a Task is complete and closed it will no longer show in your Reminders when you login.

New Tasks can also be established from the Reminders menu as well by clicking on the 'New Task' icon in the lower left corner of the window.

Having multiple access point for Tasks, Appointments, Call Logs and having the ability to generated reminders which will automatically alert you to various items that need your attention gives you the ability to create work flows suitable for your process.

This is ideal for work flow processes involving  Help Desk tickets, trouble tickets and service calls that require the attention of different individuals and follow up with a customer.

Given the overlapping and complex work flow processes within many companies we have added one other aspect to the Reminders providing another layer of functionality so Reminders don't get lost or overlooked.

On the previous page we went over Alerts for tasks.  The alerts system also includes reminders as well.

Customer needs and requests can easily be overlooked even in the most organized of companies. Sophisticated work flow processes make this a daily reality.

The Reminders system within Tradepoint provides you with a Menu that will open if you have any outstanding Reminders when you login to Tradepoint. These Reminders can be linked with Tasks, Appointments, Call Logs, Orders, Invoices, flagged email and more. They will all be listed here when you login to Tradepoint.

The bottom of the reminders screen also shows a Snooze button, and then you will be again Reminded in the time you have specified.

Reminders can also be edited by highlighting the specific Reminder and clicking on the Edit icon to open that reminder

Any action item in any work flow process that requires follow up of any kind can have a Reminder to ensure that follow up actually happens.

Any open Reminders that have not been completed will appear as you see above. When you choose to utilize the Snooze button a menu will pop up with a range of choices for you to choose when you would like to be Reminded again.

The screen view below shows the Menu for the Snooze button.

Below shows the menu when the Snooze button is clicked after highlighting a specific reminder that you know has to be done but is delayed for some reason and you need a second Reminder.

Again, all the Reminders listed here are related to any function that you can have a Reminder for including Tasks, Appointments, Call Logs, Flagged Email, Orders and more. They will all be listed here as they come due. To see the details of any Reminder  you will need to click on a specific reminder to pull up the details window and complete that Reminder.


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