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6.24.2 Email Functionality


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Tradepoint's Email client is designed with the complete tools you need for a business Email application. Tradepoint can also push and pull data from Outlook if those preferences are set in the Preferences of your Employee file.

The main toolbar within the email section is shown below.

Standard Email functionality exists with creating new messages and responding to existing messages. Additional functionality can be accessed through this toolbar by creating a Task and Call Log.

Multiple Email accounts can also be managed through the Accounts icon with the built in drop down menu towards the far right of the toolbar.

Tradepoint has functionality built into the structure allowing you to perform the following tasks, often directly from an Email message:

·         Create a New Contact through the Sender of an Incoming Message.

·         Create a New Personnel contact for a Lead, Customer, Reseller, or Supplier file.

·         Create a Call Log directly from an Email Message.

·         Create an Appointment directly from an Email Message.

·         Create a Task from directly from an Email Message.

·         Create or Add a new Email Account.

·         Automatically save a copy of an Outgoing Email in a Clients File

·         Attach Read Receipts

·         Attach Delivery Receipts to an Outgoing Message

·         Automatically generate Reminders to follow up on tasks from existing messages

·         File an existing Email into a Source, Enquiry, Lead, Customer, Project, Supplier,  Email File Folder directly from an Email Message.

·         Flag any Emails for Follow Up

Creating a  New Contact through an Email Message

Creating a New Contact can be done directly through an email message. If an incoming message is from a recipient that you do not have an existing Contact in (Source, Lead, Customer, Reseller, Supplier)then one can be created by right clicking on the arrow on the far right side of the sender's email address.

The menu that will open is shown below. Highlight and click the Create a New Contact choice.

When you click on Create New Contact the menu shown below will open asking you what type of contact your would like to create.

When you have made your choice of the type of Contact you will be directed to that window. For example if you have chosen the type of Contact as a Customer you will be directed to the Customer window with the email Sender's information pre-populated in so you can also fill in any additional information you have at this time.


A view of the window is shown below as an example of a new customer created from an email message.

Be sure to enter in the correct name in the name field. Also fill in any additional information you have and set the Category and Status Fields on the right. Your changes will be saved automatically.

This can be repeated with any new email address. If you already have a contact established within Tradepoint and they email you from another address then when you add the additional email address into the pre-existing contact Tradepoint will recognize that email address in the future so you can move Emails into that contact's file.

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