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6.24.3 Collaborative Email Tools- Contacts


Since most of what you do begins and ends with Email, Tradepoint has expanded on traditional Email functionality to extend your actions through Email. With Tradepoint Email you can go from email to action in just a few clicks.

Collaborative tools address a range of email tools including:

·         Moving email messages to folders, projects, and contacts one at a time or in batches.

·         Creating a Task from an Email.

·         Creating a Call Log from an Email.

·         Creating an Appointment from an Email.

Some of these tools are found in the top tool bar from your email box. (high-lighted below)

The complete email set of options can be found in a menu that can be accessed by right-clicking on any email message.

Standard email tools are above the highlighted collaborative tools. Each one of these options will automatically perform the requested action or prompt you to save your actions.

Move to Contact…

This option will open the following menu for you to choose from detailed options to move to a contact file.

The letter 'A' was entered into the search bar above with the list of results being returned. Double clicking on any result will move the high-lighted email to that contact file. The more detailed information you type into the search field the more specific the results will be.

Easy Use Tip #1: Holding down the "Shift" Key will allow you to highlight multiple emails to be able to move multiple emails at once instead of one at a time.

Easy Use Tip #2: If the incoming email address is already a part of your contacts then one right click will move that email to the contact file the incoming email address is associated with

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