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6.24.5 Collaborative Email Tools- Create a Task from an Email


Creating a Task …

Going from Email to task is done using the right click options from a highlighted email. Within the new Task will be the contacts (if sent to multiple recipients within your company they will all automatically be added) and any guests (contacts within Tradepoint that are not Employees).

The email content will automatically be populated into the Notes section of the Task.

Any documents will be added to the Task. If there are documents you will be prompted before they are added as attachments to the Task. 

In this example the documents will be added automatically to the task when ‘Yes’ is clicked.

The main screen of the new task will appear similar to the example shown below.

This example email shows the email content in the Notes section with mail recipients added to the Attendees and Guests section. Additional contacts can be added using the ‘New Attendee’ or ‘New Guest’ icon.

Additional tools will enable you to:

·         Create an Appointment from this Task (Appointment structure and content will be duplicated with this option)

·         Add a Reminder (the Reminder will go to all participants)

·         Establish Date Range for Completion and Estimated Completion dates.

·         Print out the Task details by checking of the print box (after saving you will be directed to the Print Preview screen.

Easy Use Tip #3: This example had a default Category set within their Employee profile for Tasks and one for Documents as well. If those were not set, within your profile you will be prompted as to what the next steps would be. For Documents you must have a default Category set for the document to be attached or linked to the Task, otherwise the Document will not be attached to the Task.

You will find the Documents that were attached to this Task from the Email under the documents icon at the top of the page.

The highlighted document above shows the activity trail of the user who created the Task. Changes can be made to this document and the activity will be time/date stamped.

The highlighted tools you see at the bottom of the page are the actions available for that document.

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