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6.24.7 Collaborative Email Tools- From an Email to an Appointment


The Create Appointment tool allows you to create Appointments directly from an Email. This is the most popular tool since much email traffic revolves around scheduling various events.

With the Create Appointment tool you will be able to add the recipients, guests and attachments in just a few clicks to your schedule. Anyone you are sharing your schedule with will be able to view the appointment as soon as it is created.

Similarly to Tasks and Call Logs if there are any email attachments you will be prompted to add them to the Appointment. 

Any Employees that are added to the Appointment will be notified through alerts and through the Flyout Panel as Tradepoint synchronizes.

The notification screen pops-up when the Appointment is saved. The content you see in the Appointment above will appear in addition to anything that is typed into the notification screen.

Easy Use Tip #4: When an Appointment is edited the notification screen pops-up each time a chance is made to an appointment. Within your email notifications (in your employee profile) you can set an option to turn off these notifications.

Notifications will be sent to the email of the contact you have on file. If there is a contact but no email then the notification will still come up but no email will be sent.

Attachments being added to an Appointment will appear under the documents icon in an Appointment.

Any Employees added to this Appointment will have access to the attached documents.

Easy Use Tip #5: Anyone you are sharing your calendar with will also have access to the Appointment and its contents unless the Category has been set to 'Private Appointment' status. This is set on a category through the blue plus next to the Appointment category by checking off the 'Private Category' box.                                         

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