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The E-mail screen is a new concept in e-mail management. Generally when using an e-mail client you organize your e-mails using folders. In Tradepoint you can still do that, but in addition you can organize e-mails by contact. Simply right click on an e-mail and choose Move To. Select the contact that you wish to associate the e-mail with, and it will move the e-mail to that contact automatically. The e-mail screen lists all of the e-mails that have been moved to the contact. In addition it will filter the e-mails based on security settings so only those who should see e-mails do.

When Emails are attached to a Customer account they will appear as you see below.

To view an e-mail, simply double click the e-mail or select it and click the Edit button. To delete an e-mail, select the item you wish to remove and click the Delete button. You can reply to an e-mail by selecting it and clicking the Reply button, which is the left most icon in the bottom right of the screen. If you wish to move an e-mail to another contact or to one of your e-mail folders, select the message you wish to move and click the Move To button in the bottom left corner.

The Contact E-mail screen, in combination with the Flagged Email task panel on the main window allow for a new type of e-mail management that has not been previously possible.

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