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The Documents screen allows you to manage any files that you have for a specific contact. You can manage scanned documents from this screen as well, which allows you to scan in any document from a compatible scanner and store it in a highly compressed format under that contact while still maintaining quality.

Tradepoint has Document management Functionality available throughout the application is sections such as Leads, Customers, Resellers, Competitors, Rolodex, Suppliers, Projects, Tasks, Appointments, Call Logs and more. The  interface and built in functionality will be consistent in each of these sections allowing you to create, store, manage and change the documents you attach to a specific file throughout Tradepoint.

Document Management

One of the biggest myths about computers and how they would effect our ability to manage businesses at the time they were emerging on the market was they would eliminate the need for paper documents. This myth also extended to use of the Internet and business management software applications. Obviously our ability to generate documents as all of these technologies have developed has only increased. The use of Documents has only become more detailed and specific as our technologies have developed to  create and manage information has also become more detailed and specific.

Up until now what hasn't happened is the development of a documents management program that addresses the diverse categorization needs of document management with  the ability to manage documents electronically and physically.

Within Tradepoint is the ability to manage, store, create documents specific to type of Contact and to the use of the Document. Tradepoint also gives you the ability to track any changes to Documents by user access settings every time there is a change to a document.  Document management is embedded throughout Tradepoint allowing you to access the same functionality  within various sections of Tradepoint.

What this means is when you are accessing documents within a Customer's file you are accessing the documents specific to that customer that are stored with a categorization structure specific to your organization. The same goes for a Lead, Supplier, Reseller, Employee, Project and numerous other places such as within Notes, Tasks, and Appointments. Within numerous sections of Tradepoint you will be  able to access the same functionality however, the documents you access will be specific to that type of action or contact.

Global Documents accessed from the Home toolbar also has the same Document Management Functionality built in and is designed to manage general documents that everyone within your organization will need to use and is able to access.

The icon for Global Documents is found in the Collaboration Section of the Home Tab.

Global Documents

Global Documents is slightly different since they are designed to be accessed by multiple users. The Main page will allow you to Search for Documents by title or list all of them on the left hand side of the page with the Search Tool. Since User Access Settings have to be created for each document all General Documents  can be stored here and each User can have the convenience of accessing any documents specific to their user access settings. The screen view below shows layout of the Global Documents Page.

The 'New' icon will open a pop-up menu with the options available for the type of New Document you can create. This Pop-Up menu is accessible anywhere you go to create a new document not just in Global Documents.

Each selection is self explanatory and will automatically begin the process  you selected.

A New Scanned Document will automatically open a wizard that will then attempt to locate a scanning device attached to your computer. Creating a Revision from a Current Document will automatically open the document you have highlighted. When you are finished it will be saved and linked to the original document with the time/date stamp information of the person who made the changes to the document.

Importing a Revision will allow you to Import a revision of a Current document from your hard drive instead of making the revision directly from a specific document  within Tradepoint as in 'Create Revision from Current'.

Creating a 'New Document' opens a window with options for a 'New Document'. The main window is shown below.

This is the view when accessing Documents attributed to a specific Customer. In each section where you have document management functionality you will see the same window with the same appearance. The only difference will be the documents themselves will be specific to the section and/or action they are related to.

The Categories you see above(Administrative Documents, Legal and Marketing) are all created from the Setup and Configuration Tool which can be accessed from the blue plus in the right side of the Categories field towards the top of the window.

Opening the Setup and Configuration Tool from this section will take you to the window that will allow you to make adjustments to the categories field for Documents only. You can of course make adjustment to additional fields elsewhere within Tradepoint from this same section. Additional information about the flexibility with the Setup and Configuration Tool is addressed in the following tutorial (insert link here).

The Web and local Access settings you see on the right side of the window will allow for security settings for each document created. The default is Administrator Settings. Simply check the boxes off for the User Access Profiles that you would like to have access to this document.

Local Access refers to users within your organization. Web Access refers to any users outside of your organization that you would like to collaborate with through one of our Web Modules. Access through the web will be determined here with the profile you set and within their Customer file with the security permissions you set for them to be able to collaborate on projects, documents, etc.

You can view an existing document by simply double clicking it, or selecting the document and clicking the Edit button. To remove a document, select it and click the Delete button.

After you choose the Category of your Document then specify if this is a New Document you are creating within Tradepoint, Creating a Link to a Document, Importing a Document, or Importing an Existing Document.

To create a New Document simply choose the Category of Document, enter in any description, click on the New Document button  and then choose the type of document you want to create. Tradepoint will then start the version of Office you have on your computer and will save the document within Tradepoint to the specific file you have specified.

Importing an existing Document will open a window similar to what you see below prompting you to choose the location of the file you would like to import. When you have finished click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Creating a Link to a Document is what we recommend for image files and AutoCAD documents. This functionality allows for one or multiple people to access a file from one location usually a dedicated server and work with it without copying that file into Tradepoint.

To add a new document, simply click the New button and you will be presented with the Add New Document window.

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