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6.29.1 Orders - Drop Shipping


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Processing a drop shipped Order can be handled in a few steps per Order.

Note:  If you are using an Ecommerce solution note that web Orders will still be pushed into Tradepoint through your website. The corresponding Purchase Orders will have to be authorized with the auto-generate PO tool through each Order that comes in through the web.

From an Order screen to use the automatic PO tool use these steps.

1. Check off the Drop Shipped box to enable the auto-generate Purchase Option.
2. Choose 'In Production' from the drop down Status option.
3. Save the Order.
4. Check off the Print option for an order (if desired).

Even if your Products are set to be Inventoried Items you can over ride that option for each item in a given Order. For items that are set to be non-inventoried and drop shipped this will NOT be an option within Orders.

Once the Save icon is clicked if you have a Preferred Supplier set up for the Product then the Purchase Order will be automatically generated within that Preferred Supplier's account.

If there is not a Preferred Supplier set up then you will be prompted to choose a Supplier through the window you see below.

Simply type in all or part of a Supplier's name and a list with the search results will populate in the window. This example has a partial name, and you can see the results. You also can see the contact type.

Highlighting the Supplier and clicking the Save icon will then generate the Purchase Order.
This Purchase Order has automatically been set up with several options already pre-selected.

1. The Drop Ship icon in the tool bar is lit since the PO that will be printed out will be for Drop Shipping.
2. The default Shipping Address is chosen and can be seen in each line item of the PO.
Please Note: If there are multiple Shipping addresses you can specify one from the Search icon in the right side of the Address field. This can also be specified within the Order when it is created.
3. The related order information is a part of each line item.
4. Specify the Shipper for this Order
5. Click the Authorize icon
6. If your User profile allows also click the order icon to print out the Purchase Order. The print Option screen shown below will appear.

The following screen after the Print Out option is chosen will direct you to the Print preview screen for Purchase Orders.
This option will be by-passed when you only have one Purchase Order form available. When multiple forms are available you will see this before the Print preview screen.
The next screen will direct you to the Print preview screen for the Purchase Order.

This example is a default report. The email and Export options above are the easiest way to send out Purchase Orders.
Once the Purchase Order has been Printed, Emailed, or Exported as a file the Purchase Order will be saved to that Supplier's account and listed similarly to the example below.

Note: For web Orders the process is the very much the same. Email notification will let you know how many orders have come in either overnight or when you are away from your computer. Search Tools and Reports can also be used to bring up all Orders that need to have Purchase Orders generated for Drop Shipping.

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