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6.29.2 Tracking Tools for Drop Shipping Orders


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If you are using the auto create tool to generate Purchase Orders upon creating a drop shipped Order then the mechanism for tracking the related Purchase Order information within the Order is pushed back into an Order after the Purchase Order has been Ordered.

After a drop shipped Order has been created and then a Purchase Order pops up with the drop shipped items listed.

After the Order has been set to 'In Production' the resulting Purchase Order pops up.

Note:  Your Products will need to have a preferred Supplier set to each product for the Purchase Order screen to pop up without the prompt to search for a Supplier to assign the Purchase Order to. If you are prompted for a Supplier, then type in all or part of a name to bring up the preferred Supplier.

After the Purchase Order has been generated once the items are Ordered then the corresponding Purchase Order information is pushed back into an Order for easy referencing.

If the field (highlighted in the example below) does not show in your Order screen then right click on the header field to access the Column Chooser options for fields appearing in the Order screen.

        To:        and the next step is:

Once the Column Chooser appears the additional fields that can be dragged into the header fields of an Order that can be available

Once the PO information is brought into the Header Fields into an Order then the corresponding PO information will be available in all of your Drop Shipped Orders.

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