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6.2 Entering and Editing Contacts


The Contact Information screen allows you to enter detailed contact information about the contact you are working with.

Address Entry

To ensure that addresses can be used correctly for searches, Mass Emailing and Mail Merges they must be entered in the correct format. Please see the Address Formatting article for full details. 

When you make a change to the address of a company Tradepoint will prompt you to automatically update the same piece of information on any staff members of that company if they had the exact same information before the change was made.

Click on the Address icon next to the main contact information screen. It will look like this. 

Notice that the Secondary Contact Information title is also a check box. Checking this off will ensure that correspondence to this contact uses the secondary address/telephone information instead of the primary information.

The address icon is also linked with mapping capabilities for online applications such as Google Maps and desktop applications such as Mappoint.

Telephone Entry

Tradepoint strives to ensure that phone numbers are entered in a consistent way. The reason for this is so that you can search on phone numbers. If you don't enter phone numbers the same way all of the time, it would become impossible to search on them. As a result, Tradepoint does it's best to convert whatever you type to the same format. We have chosen the international standard for phone numbers which is +Country Code (Area Code) City Code-Number.  For full details on phone number formats in Tradepoint please see the Telephone Formatting article.

International Phone Number Formatting

Tradepoint does have a seeting which will open fields for the ability to enter in phone number formatting as necessary. Under the Division settings on the contact information screen there is a check box to enable the fields for international phone number formatting.

When you make a change to the phone numbers of a company Tradepoint will prompt you to automatically update the same phone numbers on any staff members of that company if they had the exact same phone number before the change was made.

E-Mail and Web Site Entry

Clicking the Email button will start a new e-mail with the contact's address automatically added to the TO field. You must have an email account configured before attempting this.

Clicking the Web button will launch the contact's web site in your default web browser.

Also note the Plain Text check box beside the e-mail address. This box allows you to specify that e-mail sent to this contact will be sent as plain text only.

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