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6.30 Invoices


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The Invoices screen allows you to view all invoices and payments for the contact.

The ledger can be filtered using the Filter field in the bottom left.

By default you will only see items from the last 1 year, but you can select a different filter to view older items when needed by using the drop down menu accessible through the arrow on the right side of the field.

If you post date a payment, the Balance on the invoice will show that there is still money owing. The P/D Balance column shows what the balance will be including all post dated payments.

The footer of the ledger contains the total Balance and P/D Balance for the items displayed in the ledger (based on the filter selected). Below the ledger are the total Balance and P/D Balance for the contact, including all items regardless of the filter applied.

Invoice Entry

A new invoice can be created automatically from the Order screen when you have completed an order, or by clicking the New Invoice button on the Invoices screen.

Note that when you are saving an invoice you must select whether it is complete or not. An incomplete invoice is not applied against the contact's balance, and will agree as a green row on the ledger.

The screen below shows a the window you will se when you would be either viewing any existing Invoices or going to create a New Invoice. Any existing Invoices will be listed here. To create a New Invoice click on the 'New Invoice' icon in the lower right hand corner.

The screenview below is the window you will enter in your information to generate an Invoice. This is also the same screen where you will make any changes to edit an existing Invoice.

If you are needing to print or email this Invoice simply click the complete box and click on Pring and the following screen will open with the options for printing and emailing this Invoice. The default document type Tradepoint uses for emailing documents is a PDF document.

Additional information regarding document management is covered in the following article, XtraReports.

Payment Entry

When a contact is making a payment on an outstanding invoice, simply select the appropriate invoice and click the New Payment button.

This will automatically apply the payment to the selected invoice. If you wish to apply a payment to multiple invoice you can hold CTRL and click on multiple invoices, or you can allocate the payment to a second invoice while on the payment window.

Pre-payments, or payments that have not been completely allocated to an invoice will appear as a purple row at the top of the ledger.

Please see the Payments article below for full details on entering a payment.


If you need to make an adjustment to an invoice or a payment because of an entry mistake, a failed payment, or any other reason, simply select the item you need to adjust and click the New Adjustment button.

Depending on the item type you have selected, you will be taken to the Payment Adjustment or Invoice Adjustment window where you can make the appropriate adjustments.


When you need to refund an invoice, simply select the invoice and click the New Refund button.

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