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6.5 Personnel


The Contact Personnel screen allows you to input any employees that you know of for the company for B2B contacts. Individual contacts will have a slightly different screen for contact details. In addition it will automatically create an organizational chart for the company based on the data that you enter.

In addition to the Add, Edit or Delete buttons in the bottom right, you will notice a four other buttons that allow you to create a new communication/support incident, e-mail, appointment or task for the selected personnel.

In the bottom left you will find the Copy To Clipboard and Move/Copy Personnel Wizard buttons. The Copy to Clipboard button will copy the selected personnel's contact information so you can paste it in another window. The Move/Copy Personnel Wizard allows you to copy or move a person from one company to another and retain all of the information that is linked to that person.

When any personnel within an account is highlighted the lit icons at the lower portion of the screen indicate options available.

For example the 'New Appointment' icon will automatically generate an Appointment with this contact when you click on that icon. The same will also follow for the additional icons:

  • New Call - Opens a call log associated with Employee
  • New Email - OPen Email window with any available email address pre-populated to send to contact
  • New Appointment - Opens New Appointment window with contact information pre-populated into Appointment screen
  • New Task- Opens new Task window with contact's information pre-populated in window

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