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6.9.1 Products Owned- Providing Service on your Products


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Products owned include tools to be able to track any repairs and any replacements for items that are tracked to your Customers accounts. The top tool bar will show additional icons available for each product that tracks to a customers account. This is ideal for products that use serial numbers or identification for providing warranty or additional service for Products Purchased by your customers.

From the main screen within a Customer account the Products Purchased section will appear as you see below.

If you have the preferences setup within your Inventory to automatically add each Product Purchased to your customers account this is the view you will see with a Customer's purchase history.

Highlighting and double clicking each product will take you to another screen where options are available for each Product owned.

Options available are shown in the icons at the top tool bar including: Accessories, Custom fields, Notes, Repairs, and Calls.

Accessories will allow you to track any accessories for a product Purchases. This section pulls data from the Accessories within Products. If you have related Accessories attached to a product they can be added here. this is ideal to track kitted items or items sold as a group.

Custom Fields will allow you to build fields within your Products owned to track specific information about each Product.

Each custom field will allow you to choose different properties for each field. This is ideal to track service, repairs, warranty information for companies in the electronics, distribution and service industries.

An open Notes section will allow you to store any additional information for each product owned. the edit tool bar at the top of the Notes field provides tools for editing and graphic elements in your Notes.

The Work Order icon will allow you to process a Work Order on an existing product. Clicking on the 'New Order' icon for the screen below will direct you to the Orders screen to fill in additional information for your repair/replacement service.

Add the items for the work order, process any payment details and hit save when ready. For repairs click on the repair details tab in the order screen to add any services or non-inventoried items to the work order.

To print the work order use the print button in the upper left.

This report is customizable as the Order Form is.

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